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The Fandom Olypics

Because More Fannish Work is better than less Fannish Work.

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Name:Fandom Olympics
Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
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Community description:An All-fandom "Olympic" event to encourage More Fannish Works in any and all fandoms.
Since there's never 'too much' fannish work in our lives, the Fandom Olympics are designed to encourage friendly competition that will result in More Fannish Works!

Q: What is this and why do we need it?
A: It’s the Fannish Olympics and we need it because More Fannish Work is Better than less Fannish Work. This is limited-parameter competition designed to get people making More Fannish Works. And by limited-parameter competition, we mean that the judging is limited to “does it fit the challenge or not?” If, for example, there was a fannish ice-sculpting competition, as long as your sculpture was clearly made of ice, clearly sculpted and clearly had a fannish origin, it would count and your team would get a point. You are not competing to find out who made the ‘best’ fannish ice sculpture. The goal is to get your team to make the most fannish ice sculptures.

Q: Do my works have to be Olympic/Sports/Games related?
A: Only in any events that specify the Olympic theme. If you’re writing or creating other works in a canon that does not take place in a time and/or place where our Olympics would occur, feel free to create a large-scale, good-will sporting event for your universe, or if your canon has something similar, feel free to adapt that. Maybe you’re writing for Battlestar Galactica (either of the series) and you want to create a colonies-wide multi-sports event that includes Pyramid/Triad? Awesome.

Q: How do I sign up to play?
A: You join a team. [INSERT LINK/DIRECTIONS] Once you’ve joined a team, you’re all set. A team can be created for any country in the world, today. (Just to make things slightly less crazy the first time we do this, we’re not going to have teams from the planet Vulcan or from The Holy Roman Empire or the Babylon 5 space station.)

Q: Can I join more than one team?
A: No. The Jamaican Bobsled team couldn’t bobsled for the Bahamas AND for Jamaica, so you need to stick to one team too. ☺

Q: Do I have to join the team that goes with where I physically live/am located?
A: Not at all! We don’t care if you’re want to join team Iceland, even though you live somewhere in Texas. Join whatever team you feel would suit you.

Q: But what if I want to be on Team Iceland and no one else does?
A: That’s cool. Watch the actual Parade of Nations. Some countries have a team in every event. Some have an entire contingent of three people. Small teams are just fine. Don’t want to be on Team Iceland all alone? Recruit your friends to play too!

Q: Can I switch teams?
A: Until the Parade of Nations starts. Once that happens the teams will be solidified, except to add new members. But if during sign ups you decide you’re Team Mexico and then your best friend decides to be Team China and one of you wants to switch so that you can be together, you can just delete your comment from one thread and move it to the other. Until the Parade of Nations starts.

Q: How are medals/points awarded?
A: At the stated end time for the event, the judge/s will close their events. As quickly as they can, they’ll count up the number of completed entries in each of their events. Each qualified entry will be worth a point. The team with the most points will earn the gold for that event, the next team the silver and the next team the bronze. Graphics will be made and posted as soon as possible.

Q: Can I enter a given event more than once?
A: Sure. If there’s a writing event that gives you twelve ideas, go ahead! The goal of the Fandolympics is to Create More Fannish Work!

Q: I think team Antarctica is plagiarizing/reposting old works/cheating like big old cheaters! What do I do?
A: Tell your judge. Judges will investigate your claim, so please give as much information as you can. (You have their story bookmarked on some archive with a posting date in 2007? Send a link. Notice that a story seems to be a search-and-replace of another story? Send a link.) Judges will be able to disqualify all works by an athlete found to be cheating.

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